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Cuticle Oil Collection
Cuticle Oil

Healthy Nails Reimagined For Our Everyday Lives.

Taking care of our nails can be confusing, difficult or even seen as an afterthought. At Elixir, we want to keep it simple and help create new habits.

Our cuticle oil is customized with all natural ingredients to nourish and promote strong nail growth. It's a form of self-care that's added to your daily regimen to keep your cuticles and nails looking and feeling healthy.

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A Scent For All Feels.

Meet our first collection of cuticle oils designed to protect and hydrate. Because before you can grow strong nails, they need to be healthy, and to be healthy, they need to hydrated.

Peach Cuticle Oil


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Classic Cuticle Oil


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Flower Cuticle Oil


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Create Your Elixir.

Nail care is a new space, a beginning of new habits and a way underrated self-care routine. So at Elixir, we're on a mission to explore the habits and routines created by our inspiring community. A Fun. Creative. Empowering. Journey that allows you to find inspiration each and everyday.

Create Your Elixir With Alanna
Create Your Elixir With Alanna

By Kathleen Flynn on Aug 15, 2020